encurio GmbH
Based in Cologne, Germany

Release date:
September 26th, 2017 (Early Access)

Playstation 4 (planned)
X-Box One (planned)


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Valnir Rok is an online sandbox survival roleplaying game inspired by Norse mythology. Players will awaken to find themselves on Valnir Island and must do whatever it takes to survive in a land of wild animals, mythical beasts, and violent men. As a hardened Viking warrior, butcher your enemies in bloody combat, build and improve village structures, and form a clan to expand your power and reputation. Battle against opposing clans, place bounties on hated enemies, and discover ruin artifacts to gain favor with the gods with great deeds and holy sacrifices. Might makes right in the Viking world of Valnir Rok.


It had always been a dream of the Valentin, Erik and Sebastian to develop a game. The brothers Sebastian Rahmel and Valentin Rahmel (Sarazar) started with a first concept of the game. Erik Range (Gronkh) joined immediately. Inspired by the Viking tv series, Game of Thrones and Survival titles like DayZ and Rust they created a first concept of a game with survival and roleplay elements. We put together a team of university students to devlop the game, who all finished their studies by now. Gavin Barnes, who had been working at Piranha Bytes (Gothic, Risen), joined the team as lead developer. He had been working at encurio a few years earlier. In January 2017 Sebastian started looking for a story writer. The aim was to create an epic story and have the best quests possible for the given budget. This is when Giles Kristian, the bestselling novelist, joined the team and started to write a storyline and quests. Film director Phil Stevens supported Giles. Also Nitrado is supporting Valnir Rok.


  • Story and Quests by bestselling author Giles Kristian
  • Craft items, Cook meals, Brew potions
  • Build houses, fortify your clan base and employ NPC guards
  • Worship the gods and win the favour of your favourite god.
  • Learn professions and recieve divine skills.
  • Fight in the Arena (PVP and PVE).
  • Explore living cities, former elven towns and dwarven mines.
  • Ride horses
  • Enter dungeons and huge labyrinths
  • Trade in cities and grow your own plants and crops
  • 16.000.000 m² and 3.000 NPCs are wating for you


Official Gameplay Trailer YouTube


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Game & Features Overview
Short introduction to Valnir Rok Features encurio.com.

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About encurio GmbH

Founded in 2007 by Sebastian Rahmel, encurio is an internet company and game studio based in Cologne, Germany. encurio has been developing software, portals, websites and online shops for the finance, beauty, gaming and entertainment industry. Using the knowledge and expertise from their internet and gaming business ventures has naturally led to the development of online games. Valnir Rok will be the first online game from encurio GmbH.

More information
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Valnir Rok Credits

Sebastian Rahmel
Managing Director (Level Design, Concepts)

Gavin Barnes
Lead Developer (Quest-System, Servers)

Giles Kristian
Author (Story, Quests)

Phil Stevens
Film Director (Story, Quests)

Martin Krause
Musician (Title Music)

Also thanks to: Andre Schulz, Felix Urbasik, Stephan Brenig, Anh Ming Nguyen, Jan Brinkmann, Michael Sandt, Ulrike Barnes, Jan Barnes, Daniel Rotszche, Daniel Weber, Armin Hillebrandt, Aaron Wreschino, Marie Krist, Inken Sommer, Christian Röhrig, Akin Külhanbey, Bill Hamilton, Miguel Röhrig

And thanks to: Michael Lam, Andrey Oleynik, Gnarly Potato, Mario Lelas, Pernach, C1 Sound, Protofactor Inc., Boom Library, Devdog, Saad Khawaja, Artifial Creations, Amplify Creations, Ben3d, kripto289, Adam Goodrich, Lex4Art, Sigot Digital Art, Epic Sounds and FX, Yash Future, Maksim Bugrimov, Mikołaj Spychał, 3DRT, 4toon Studio, GIM, Speed Tree, Nathaniel Doldersum, AltSystems, Denis Pahunov, Polybox, Unity Technologies, 3D Red Models, Michaël Jimenez, Yan Verde, MalberS Animations, Apex Game Tools, Xeleh Tools, Kubold, SilverTM, SquareForge, EE Productions, Waroath Studio, Unluck Software, Manufactura K4, ProCore, AndaSoft, Adam Goodrich, Sakati, Busy Brain Studios, Dogmatic, Explosive, Rivermill Studios, BatzStudio, MPixels, Paradox Notion, BAxe Games, Aron Granberg, cMonkeys, Nobiax / Yughues, Kalamona, Rebound Games, Ari Levi, CH Assets, Lylek Games, Sonic Ether, Green Cube, Infinity Code, MobileDesignLabo, Code This Lab, Cinema Suite Inc, RealWorldUnity, Daikon Forge, Zodiac Alliance Digital Entertainment, Mister Necturus, Ciconia Studio, Thomas Hourdel, 3DForge, Studio Krokidana, FlyingTeapot, Thunderent's Assets, Axel Vaude, 3DMondra, M.eye, geartechgames, Keilbaum, 3DMondra, 3dFoin, SunnySunshine, trilobite_mx, forst, MotuProprio, Ian Deane, Tomasz Stobierski, Quantum Theory, bshgame, Black Eye Games, LuGus Studios, Tanuki Digital, On-Q Creations, Shunsuke Yamamoto, PlayTangent, Philipp Schmidt, Dexsoft Games, mrsmo3d

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